Telepathy will be exactly like this.

Anonymous said: Never heard of Queen Adreena until that post, but I just wiki'd them and found out they share the same vocalist as Daisy Chainsaw, who were kind of awesome. It's borderline nu...but has certain qualities that keep it out of Korn-y territory.

i totally agree. that one album, drink me, just kills, i had never really heard anything quite like that before, certainly not from a woman (in my ignorance). after they they seem to have pretty rapidly degenerated into kind of a competent but understimulating pj harvey cover band. it’s probably hard, biologically, to keep making that kind of noise forever.

Anonymous said: Do you like doom metal? or any metal at all?

i like plenty of metal, but it’s one of those things that’s flaunted as a badge of honor by hipsters, femmy girls and all kinds of people who think it’s really novel for them personally to like metal. i’m not erudite enough about it to acquit myself of that membership, so i don’t talk about it very much unless i’m asking for recommendations.

Anonymous said: Were you to bike to the top of the Mount (Todt Hill), what would be the Ten Donner Commandments that you'd instill upon your lowly followers?


Anonymous said: What if you discovered Dr. Boyfriend had a checkered past as a twice convicted gigolo con artist with an as of yet unidentified third strike? How would you decide whether he'd been working you over a long con or had finally decided to go clean as of meeting you?

i feel kind of bad that anonymous strangers have a much frothier fantasy life about my boyfriend than i do.

Anonymous said: Do you remember Smash Mouth?

i’ll answer your question with a completely sincere and non-rhetorical question that i desire (anyone’s) answer to: i remember lots of things i have no use for. why is it so desirable to continuously just mention things that by some design flaw we pointlessly continue to remember?

is this what happens if you like go out to a bar and try to meet people?

is this what happens if you like go out to a bar and try to meet people?

Anonymous said: So we ALL know how much you revile Game of Thrones, but where do you fall on *Gay* of Thrones?

I don’t think I’ve talked enough about the just-whatever Game of Thrones for you to pretend to try to tell a joke about it.

Anonymous said: When are you going to admit that this entire tumblr experiment has all been a ploy to scour for material for your long-gestating, over-sized, destined to go unfinished secret Proustian novel that you've been slaving away at for all these years?

how flattering to everyone I follow

Anonymous said: What's your favorite video game

Metroid II: Return of Samus

Anonymous said: What movies are the most beautiful?

you know, it’s like, those ones where the girl is really hot but she has dark hair or wears eyeliner or something, and she turns out to be the perfect girlfriend of the guy that’s super weird but also totally cool and normal, and there’s like an old song you never noticed was hip before and a new really hip song everybody already likes, and something really boring and usual happens but they make it be really iconic, and then someone says some dialog that everyone who sees the movie repeats for the rest of their lives. those movies.

Anonymous said: Two thumbs up for Nymphomaniac, or...?

i’ll see it when i’m good and ready

Anonymous said: Have you ever won a trophy?

i can’t really remember totally but i fucking love this question.

Anonymous said: Have you been watching Hannibal?

i haven’t. i was REALLY psycho about Silence of the Lambs when i was a kid and i have a hard time returning comfortably to basically anything i was into as a kid. the flipside of that coin is that the show’s arrival in my life will have been preceded by its especially ravenous cloying needy fandom; unfortunately, that kind of synthetic intimacy with made-up people is so disturbing to me that it can preemptively kill whatever kind of boner the show might be able to give me personally.

are most of your anons this terrible? or do you just post the laughably awful ones?

i’d say most of them are around this bad, and i just post when i can think of something to say. i try always to post answers to real questions (insomuch as i have time to give to the ~2900 questions in my ask). the very worst aren’t the dumbasses — it’s the guys who think they’re doing some kind of gonzo performance art, who’ve read way too much and understood way too little hunter thomspon or chuck klosterman or fucking chuck palahniuk, and seem to think they’ve gained from that an incomparable and vicious command of the english language. more words ≠ more smarterer.

Anonymous said: Omg so YOU'RE Donner who directed the Goonies !!

imagine how funny this would have been if it was a good joke?

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