Telepathy will be exactly like this.

Anonymous said: what about ello?

it’s supposed to be like tumblr but everyone is nice?

Anonymous said: Oh my god the evil child trafficking lady in glasses on the second episode of Gotham is you

ok, i’ll bite. who are we talking about?

Anonymous said: “It has been said before by feminists that the concept of “having sex” is a phallic concept; that is pertains to heterosexual intercourse, in fact, primarily to heterosexist intercourse, that is male-dominant-female-subordinate-copulation-whose-completion-and-purpose-is-the-male-ejaculation”

it has been said by me that heterosexual intercourse is exactly like this


Anonymous said: Red by King Crimson is a great prog rock album that's almost metal. Certainly by the standards of the time.

i should probably catch up with king crimson. and king diamond. all the kings. i gotta pay my respects.

Anonymous said: best prog rock albums ?

i don’t really listen to prog rock, even though i listen to some metal whose studious, difficult composition is definitely descended from it. i like that YES song, heart of the sunrise, but that’s all that really comes to mind.



Anonymous said: How is it that one small thing can push me over the edge? I’m really tired of this emotional roller coaster I’m on.

stop spying on me, i have been making fun of the phrase “emotional roller coaster” for at least a week.

Anonymous said: I am a banker with Dah Sing Bank in Hong Kong. I have a proposal for you worth USD 12.8M that will be of benefit for both of us, if interested please get back to me.

What if this were real spam?

Anonymous said: what's the most disappointing movie you've ever seen?

Any question with “most” in it is basically impossible to answer accurately. So, because I was just thinking of it, I had really high hopes when I found out the PARADISE LOST directors were making BLAIR WITCH 2, and I still fantasize about what if that had been a good movie? Wouldn’t that have ruled, if it hadn’t been the worst?

Anonymous said: Bongs or blunts?

syringe full of ketamine pls

Anonymous said: Why do you love film so much?

one of my strongest childhood memories is of seeing SNOW WHITE in theaters. i probably saw E.T. before that, but this is my first memory of being in a movie theater before the show. the velvet seats and curtains seemed to absorb all sound like a heavy snowfall, and when the lights went down i had a euphoric and sort of foreboding feeling that something really mindblowing was about to happen. i remember this feeling even more strongly than i do the movie. i cried when we left, which probably seemed pretty arbitrary at that age, but i really didn’t want the experience to be over.

film’s ability to manipulate sound, image, space and time simultaneously is unmatched by any other art form. it has an immersive quality that is hard to resist and seems important. it really irritates me when a movie relies too heavily on the structure of theater or literature, instead of its own native merits.

Anonymous said: Do you like Leslie Nielsen?

leslie nielsen scares me to death

Anonymous said: how many tattoos do you have?

not one! but i am STRONGLY CONSIDERING two.

Anonymous said: are you above puerile humour?

jesus christ, does it seem that way?

Anonymous said: (I think u may have answered this before) (sorry) what have your previous Halloween costumes been?

i definitely haven’t talked about this as often as i’ve talked about some other things i get asked all the time. the two great halloween costumes of my life were when i was a little kid:

a) i was a rock. my dad helped me build this huge papier machet body with a hole for my legs, and a hole that people had to stick their hands in to drop candy into the bag hanging inside. it was so awesome and no one understood it, which was also awesome.

b) i was a tv set, and inside i was robert stack on unsolved mysteries. i wasn’t very recognizable, but i was really in love with robert stack, so that was the important thing.

this year, dr-boyfriend and i got a really great couples costume idea from megg and mogg in MEGAHEX


by the imperiously glamorous and talented girlmountain (who made an excellent showing under what seemed like difficult circumstances at the brooklyn book festival — sorry i didn’t ask my questions, but by the time the Q&A rolled around, i didn’t think i could make them funny enough).

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