Telepathy will be exactly like this.

remember BANDS VERSUS COMICS? did anybody do sun ra versus mumm-ra???

i can only say with certainty that one of these things has not happened.

i can only say with certainty that one of these things has not happened.

Anonymous said: The spirit vs. Crazy spirit. Powerman vs powerman 5000. Swamp thing vs wild thing

human torch vs burning spear

Anonymous said: Girls vs Tank Girl

elton motello vs jet girl

megatrip said: the brotherhood of evil mutants vs. the sisters of mercy.

i can’t top that, but boy george vs klarion the witch boy

radiogravy said: selena vs zorro

ha! sparks vs sherlock holmes


werewolf by night versus guitarwolf 

megatrip said: not sure what's been done or how many I'm just repeating... but... - Big Black vs. Black Golaith?

man bat versus ozzy osbourne

megatrip said: flex mentallo vs. funkmaster flex

matter eater lad vs. salt n pepa

Anonymous said: Are we still playing? Screaming Jay Hawkins Vs Hawkeye

new mutants vs ol dirty bastard

megatrip said: Iceman vs. Drake.

drake vs. darkwing duck

eggsackley said: rapeman vs rapeman

scatman vs. bartman

the-scandyfactory-deactivated20 said: Powerman 5000 vs. Iron Fist


also: is it even remotely possible that nobody has submitted Danzig Vs. Wolverine because my followers are sensitive about being too obvious?

the-scandyfactory-deactivated20 said: White Lion vs. White Tiger

zatanna vs. santana

megatrip said: wonder twins vs. cocteau twins

the hammer brothers vs. the smothers brothers

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